Case Study: New My Brother’s Keeper Website

Existing site was custom coded with no working CMS and limited mobile styling. Content was overly burdensome making it difficult for visitors to find information. Limited functionality for making donations or communicating with the client.

The site required the following:

  • Completely revised sitemap and navigation
  • Updated branding with new typography and color scheme
  • New page design throughout
  • WordPress CMS
  • eCommerce (WooCommerce)
  • Payment processor integration
  • Single-page donation forms
  • Custom donation amounts
  • Optional transaction fee
  • Monthly recurring donations
  • Dynamic events calendar
  • Responsive design
  • Dynamic staff pages and job posts
  • All new on-page SEO

Site was completely redesigned and built on a new WordPress theme with new client content and branding. We used a combination of custom coding and plugins to achieve client-specified functionality and make the site easy to manage.

We integrated the Modern Events plugin to manage events, create custom features, and to add SEO friendly job listings and staff pages. For donations, we integrated with WooCommerce to create a form that includes one-time and monthly donations. The form is designed for maximum flexibility and is used for several client programs. We created custom function to enable donors to pay credit card processing fees when making donations.