Case Study: Diocese of Fall River Project Overview

Diocese of Fall River Project

The Diocese of Fall River had many goals and a large amount of content and needs. This was a very large project that involved many stakeholders as well as a need to coordinate with various contractors to complete the project.

Client Goals

  • Consolidated infrastructure
  • Acquisition of new constituents or “customers”
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase constituent or customer value
  • Boost brand engagement
  • Increase contributions
  • Improve internal brand
  • Multi-lingual communications

Client Needs

  • Unified messaging and Branding
  • Unified Visual Systems
  • Consolidated infrastructure / websites
  • Aligned social media

Contractors Used

  • Support Design
  • Support Development
  • Content Management
  • Quality Assurance

We conducted a study to investigate demographics and approaches that would best serve the client needs. This included creating surveys, using publicly available data, investigating resources, and researching potential support contractors. Once this study was completed, we organized the client goals into four categories: Unified messaging and branding and aligned social media, unified visual systems, and consolidated infrastructure / websites. We then began work on addressing each of their needs. See our three case for more information on how we addressed each need: Brand Voice, Messaging, and Content Development, Brand Development and Design System, and Consolidated Infrastructure / Websites.