Case Study: Diocese of Fall River: Consolidated Infrastructure / Websites

Diocese of Fall River Project
This Case Study is part of the Diocese of Fall River project.
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The Diocese of Fall River wanted to consolidated infrastructure, acquire new constituents or “customers”, increase website traffic, increase contributions, and provide multi-lingual communications. The client also had a large amount of content that needed to be organized across multiple offices and needed to be easily accessible to any visitor, as well as a number of unique features needed.


  • Analyzing competitor strategy for multiple offices, navigation, and organization
  • Integration with existing tools (Constant Contact, Donation Systems, etc)
  • Hosting for large Multisite Network


  • Multisite Network with a Universal Navigation (Navigation between network sites managed from one location)
  • Cross-site Search
  • Analytics with Rollup Properties and Privacy Focus
  • Custom Themes
  • Multilingual Support
  • CMS Posts (Blogs, News, etc) with Category Filter
  • Crossposting Blog Posts with Support for Editorial Process
  • Directory Listings (Including Maps and Offices)
  • Events Listings with Calendar
  • Post Approval Process, Custom User Access, and Capabilities
  • Password Protected Pages with User Accounts
  • Email Notices for New Posts


  • Collecting existing content from websites
  • Creating a new sitemap and organization chart for each office
  • Recommending content placement and edits based on sitemap and messaging
  • Recommending separation of content by office
  • Migrating content to all sites with support from third-party contractors

We choose WordPress as the foundation for its ability to allow the the diocese team to easily contribute to the site as well as the Multisite Network feature that allows us to easily consolidate multiple websites and their infrastructure into one unified platform. We re-organized and simplified the content to make the site easier to navigate, increasing usability and traffic. A “Universal Navigation” was also implemented, allowing for easy navigation between sites in the network. We also implemented a translation tool that allows for manual and automatic translations.