Case Study: Diocese of Fall River Brand Voice, Messaging, and Content Development

Diocese of Fall River Project

This Case Study is part of the Diocese of Fall River project.
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The Diocese of Fall River wanted to increase constituent or customer value and boost brand engagement across all platforms. The goals and messaging of many offices and stakeholders needed to be considered as well.

Research and Content

  • Creating a survey to assess current demographics and goals
  • Used publicly available census data and local economic reports to assess regional demographics
  • Collected and organized existing content
  • Recommend updates to content to support brand voice and messaging


  • Analyzed demographic data and recommended new target demographics to better align with messaging
  • Wrote customer profiles based on demographics
  • Made recommendations on brand voice
  • Wrote mission statements and taglines to support messaging
  • Created new content to support messaging and taglines (Success Stories)
  • Created an editorial process for approval and content generation

We created messaging that highlighted what the Diocese of Fall River can provide and how they support their constituents. This included creating mission statements and messaging for all offices that also served to articulate the bishop’s vision for the diocese. We also analyzed demographic data through surveys and publicly available regional data to to develop target audiences. We used this data to create customer profiles and brand voice guidelines.