Case Study: Diocese of Fall River Brand Development and Design System

Diocese of Fall River Project

This Case Study is part of the Diocese of Fall River project.
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The Diocese of Fall River wanted to improve their internal brand. This included creating a corporate standards guide, logo system, color system, page design, typography, and graphics. The Diocese brand needed to stand alone and also be able to act a a unifying element across all offices. This brand also needed to be applied to their social media.

Competitor Research

  • Strategy for multiple offices
  • Branding systems to support multiple offices
  • Approach to “Brand Voice”

Branding System Development

  • Overall branding for the Diocese of Fall River
  • Branding system for consistent umbrella branding and offices
  • Support graphics that emphasize messaging
  • Application guidelines to apply the brand to a variety of uses


  • Business Cards
  • Email Signatures
  • Letterheads and Stationary
  • PowerPoint
  • Websites

We created a unified visual system with two different options for logos: one that emphasized the office as the primary focus and one that emphasized the Diocese of Fall River. We chose new typography and a color pallet to better represent their new direction and target demographics, and we created support graphics that could represent their community.